Business Bros – Episode 67 – How to Win When the Economy Tanks

In this episode we talk about what happens when the economy crashes. People turn to education and try to make moves when it is to late. What do you do when you lose your job or

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Business Bros – Episode 66 – Businesses that are Dead and Gone

In this episode we talk a little bit about our childhood memories of the stores and places we would frequent that are no longer around. The age of the internet has reshaped commerce and has put

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Financial Algebra – 8.1 – Find a Place to Live

Published Business, Financial Algebra, Vlogs

Lesson 8.1 Find a Place to Live we discuss the following vocabulary Apartment, Tenant, Landlord, Lease, Expire, Evict, Furnished and Unfurnished, Single Family Home, square footage and security deposit. We go over some examples on what

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Business Bros – Episode 65 – FORMED Script and How to Talk to People

In this episode we modify a script from Tim and Julie Harris to help you when you are conversating with prospective clients and people in general. Having the FORMED script in mind will help you guide

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Business Bros – Episode 64 – Insurance Explained (Business, Life & Health)

In this episode James talks about the different types of business insurance. We also get Heather Williams on the call to talk a little bit about Life and Health. It’s amazing how all the other lines

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Business Bros – Episode 63 – Insurance Explained (Home & Auto)

In this episode we dive into the home and auto insurance and what your insurance agent should be explaining to you about your coverage. Insurance is there just in case something happens, you are not on

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Business Bros – NansCents – Scott Butler

In this episode we welcome Scott Butler and actor and comedian from London, England. Scott won the 2011 “Best Actor – Award of Excellence” at the Canada International Film Festival and for his stage debut, the

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Business Bros – Episode 62 – Getting Through the Day

Here we talk about some of the things that help you get through the day. The things you should be focusing your attention on in order to achieve your goals. Join the conversation on Facebook @SiasFirst

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Business Bros – Episode 61 – Why You Struggle at the Beginning of Each Year

In this episode we discuss the reason why your new year starts off so slow and how you can go about changing that. Grab yourself a paper calendar for the end of this year and follow

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