Business Bros – Episode 86 – Gangsta Rap and Entrepreneurs

In this episode we attempt to make a connection to Rap Hip Hop and our desire to become Entrepreneurs. We give light to a possible reason why we mimic the people we look up to and

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Financial Algebra – Chapter 8.4 – Purchasing a Home

Published Financial Algebra

In this video we discuss the vocabulary used in the purchasing of a home. Understanding what the words mean, will help you understand the process and minimize the stress involved in such a major transaction. We

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Business Bros – Episode 85 – Being Thankful to Reach Your Goals

In this episode we give a lot of shout outs. We wanted to give thanks in the spirit of Thanksgiving and remind our listeners that “Being of service to others” is not just a saying but

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Business Bros – Episode 84 – The Real, the 1/2 and the Fake Entrepreneur

In this episode we talk about the 3 different levels of being an entrepreneur. We are not in anyway describing the quality of entrepreneurs but the level of commitment that one places on their business. Our

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Business Bros – Episode 83 – Big Block Realty Event in Eastlake

This episode was recorded right after an event hosted by Big Block Realty in Eastlake. We were invited by Jose Valencia, loyal listener and former guest, to come out to this event at the last minute

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Business Bros – NansCents – Ray Teasdale – New Tax Changes

In this episode we talk to Ray Teasdale of www.ProfessionalTaxService.com who takes time out of his day to talk to me about the new tax law changes and how they will effect many of us as

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Business Bros – Episode 82 – Hiring the Right Employee

In this episode we discuss the importance of firing the right employee and what business owners look for when they are hiring. We refer to an article by Forbes which is linked below for you to

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Business Bros – NansCents – Joseph Massaro @TheRev1376

Today’s episode is an interview with a Twitter follower from New Haven, CT the Original Bambo, Joseph Massaro. Joseph have been giving us a lot of Twitter love and we wanted to get to know him

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Business Bros – Episode 81 – S.Y.S.T.E.M Save Your Self Time, Energy & Money

Shout outs for today go out to Wyatt Lannom and Mikey Acosta for their iTunes reviews. Thank you guys very much, each review is so important to us and our ability to reach more people so

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