Business Bros – Episode 112 – Selling Yourself on You Part 1

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So we just started using the SlingStudio to record our podcasts live as we do them. Unfortunately you can tell I was trying to do to many things at once and it showed on the show. Rough start to 2019 but we are here to prove to you that even though we fall down, we can still get back up and do it better the next time. Part 1 was a struggle but Part 2 of this episode is the Business Bros back on at full speed! Enjoy the podcast! Join the conversation or catch the podcast live on our social media feeds @BusinessBrosPod Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can listen to past episodes on our website www.SiasFirst.com.

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Selling yourself on you

  • What is it you want out of life?
    • Self-awareness
      • Extreme Success is not for everyone
      • Do you want it bad enough?
    • Comfort vs extraordinary
      • Netflix vs money-making activities
      • Fear of failure
    • What do you like to do?
      • What would you do for fun if you didn’t have to work?
      • How is what you like to do valuable or interesting?
  • What can you do?
    • Willing to do vs capable of doing
      • Time constraints
      • Money constraints
      • Sacrifice
    • Monetizable
    • Value added
      • Service to others
  • Practical and tactical
    • Something that you can do
    • Something you want to do
    • Something that earns money
  • Why haven’t you turned your passion into a business?
    • Hobbies vs businesses
  • Drive to work
    • Dedication
    • Discipline to do it daily
    • Constant grind


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