Business Bros – Episode 114 – Stop Fighting It, Go Door Knock

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In this episode we dig into the importance of door knocking and what you should be looking for when you go out there. Knowing the intent of your marketing activity will help lower the anxiety you feel when you have to do it and doing it will be the difference between you having a successful experience or a detrimental one.   Join the conversation or catch the podcast live on our social media feeds @BusinessBrosPod Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can listen to past episodes on our website www.SiasFirst.com. Want to be on an episode of Business Bros? Send us an email BusinessBros@SiasFirst.com so we can get in touch with you ASAP. FREE COACHING CALL REAL ESTATE AGENTS
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Stop Fighting It! Go Prospect!
  • Scheduling
    • Lead Generation
    • Follow Up
    • Appointments
  • Knocking on doors
    • Frequent establishments
    • FSBO
    • Notice of Lis Pendens
    • Expired
  • Dedication to our brand
    • Business Bros Quick Tips
    • Network Expansion – Relationships
      • Bringing Value to Others
      • Camaraderie

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