Business Bros – Episode 38 – Money Making Activities Part 3

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In this episode we continue our discussion on the money making activities that you should be focusing your attention on. You spend a lot of time in your business doing the busy work and convince yourself that you are in fact working. Truth is, just because you are busy does not mean you are productive of making money. Focus your efforts on the things we discuss on this podcast episode and you will see your bottom line increase. As always, join the conversation on Facebook @SiasFirst or go to our website to get your free coaching call www.SiasFirst.com. Music by www.bensound.com. Show notes

Money-making activities

    1. PC Kruizers Failure: Customer follow-up
      1. We didn’t adapt to the changing tech landscape
      2. We didn’t follow up with existing customers
        1. Satisfaction Surveys
        2. Referrals
    2. Money-making activities (per Tim & Julie Harris):
  • Lead generation
    1. Meet 5 new people daily
      1. Networking events
        1. Meetup
        2. Charity
        3. Educational
        4. Speaking engagements (you present)
      2. Figure out how to reach your potential clients (without buying leads)
        1. Real Estate
          1. FSBO/Expired Listings
          2. Door-knocking
        2. MCC tell us about your business
      3. Grocery shopping
      4. Social events
        1. Church
        2. Happy hour
        3. Birthday parties
      5. Neighbors
      6. Gym
      7. Don’t eat lunch alone
      8. Talk to them about your business
      9. FORD
        1. Family
        2. Occupation
        3. Recreation
        4. Dreams
    2. Make 5 phone contacts daily
      1. Circle of Influence
      2. Existing/Previous clients
    3. Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount
      1. Always prospecting
      2. Keeping the pipe full
        1. Keep records of your list
      3. 90 day rule
        1. Stop selling in December hurts in February
      4. ABC – Always Be Closing
  • Follow-up
        1. This is where businesses often fail
          1. 85% of the business is earned after the 5th follow-up
            1. Newest listing after 4 calls and 3 text messages and 2 voicemails.
          2. Be consistent
            1. Follow up monthly, every other month
            2. Tell them how you will follow up and do what you say
        2. Objective is to set appointments
          1. Appointments are scheduled to present and close
        3. Prequalify clients to identify their needs
          1. Needs vs Wants
          2. Spend your time with the needs
          3. You are there to be of service, so find out the best way to help
  • Presenting
        1. Meeting with clients
        2. Have a presentation ready
          1. AVOID POWER POINT
        3. Find out what their greatest concerns are right off the bat
          1. Present to their greatest concerns
  • Negotiating
        1. Be of service to others
        2. Often you are representing the customer or their needs
          1. Insurance agent: best coverage and price
          2. Real Estate agent: best price and terms
          3. Taxes: best strategies to legally pay minimum tax
        3. Negotiate in the best interest of the customer
  • Closing
      1. Ask for referrals
      2. Within 30 days, follow-up again, show you care
      3. Referrals
  1. The work we don’t want to do
    1. Cold calls (lead generation)
    2. Follow-up calls (continued relationship)
    3. Ask for what you want (referrals)
  2. Do the work!
    1. Nothing is handed to you, you have to work
    2. Working is NOT listening to podcasts!
    3. Work is WORK, the stuff you don’t want to do
    4. You are a Salesperson!
      1. Productive vs Busy

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