Business Bros – Episode 485 – Gritty Birds Podcasting with Jeni Wren Stottrup

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Our guest today has got a ton of knowledge to share, and we are sure to learn a ton from her today! We’re excited to be joined by an absolute professional, someone who has created a successful career in music and audio production. This awesome guest has years of podcasting experience and, in multiple partnerships and team projects, has accomplished a ton of incredible feats! What started as a music podcast became a sensation, receiving a Regional Arts and Culture grant and working with multiple organizations to promote music festivals all across the Pacific North West. Today,our guest provides a full service production agency. Her company specializes in supporting businesses, brands, and broadcasters with a vision to launch and develop your show! Her job is to make production of compelling content look easy, so you can excel. Joining us today out of the great town of Portland, Oregon, the host and owner of Gritty Birds Podcasting, please welcome to the show Jeni Wren Stottrup!


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