Business Bros – Episode 539 – Joe Semaan the Most Modern Sales Expert In The World

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For over a decade Joe has dedicated his career and life to understanding human performance in the business and sales world. Since then, Joe has mentored and spoken to over 300 organizations in over 20 industries including audiences for giants like Microsoft, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Equinox and many other leaders in the financial, technology, professional services, and marketing verticals. “The “Economy of Things” is moving faster than ever in the history of our existence, and millions of good-talented people are going to either get stuck or regress in the quality of their income and life if they are not awakened to the reality of things these days. This largely includes our communication skills and how we impact and influence others, especially for sales professionals. In the “New Economy” people do not want the feeling of being sold, and even though most sales professionals agree they don’t want to be or sound “salesy,” the truth is most of our skills and training have been passed down from “salesy” generations, managers, mentors, and authors. Joe teaches his clients and students that in order to crush the competition, we must be willing to accelerate our speed of learning and commit to ongoing study of people, behavior patterns, technology, and mind-set. “Experience is the slowest way to learn, and will no longer suffice on its own in today’s ultra competitive economy. You will have to acquire a Domination Mind Set.”


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