Business Bros – Episode 56 – How to Meet or Exceed your Goals

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This episode’s discussion is about you getting  out of your own way and taking the path to success. The only way for you to achieve the goals you want to achieve is by getting out there in front of as  many clients as you can.  You need to be of service to as many people as possible by doing what you don’t want to do, when you don’t want to do it but at a high level. Join the conversation on Twitter @BusinessBrosPod or on Facebook @SiasFirst and schedule your free Harris Certified Real Estate Coaching call by going to www.SiasFirst.com and clicking on the Free Coaching call button. Make the change today and get the help you need to thrive! Music by www.bensound.com

How to Meet or Exceed Your Goals

  • #1 rule in business is to be of service to others
    • Being selfish will only get you so far
      • Truth: Being of service to others is the most gratifying thing you can do and therefore, selfish in itself
  • Get in front of as many potential clients as possible
    • The only way to find true success is to help as many clients as possible
    • We all say we want to be of service but we delegate the activities that require us to be in front of our clients.
    • Our ego stops us from getting on the phone, knocking on doors and asking real questions to our clients
    • Get over yourself and focus on helping those who you can achieve their goals.
  • Leave a lasting impression
    • I can’t remember the last time I was cut-off on the road
      • Even worse, I don’t remember the person who ever did cut me off
    • I do remember faces and names of those who helped me throughout the years
      • I remember my childhood friends, little league coaches, teachers etc
      • The people who helped me achieve a goal I was working towards
    • You should strive to help your clients experience achievement by helping them reach their goals. Be the lasting impression that they talk about to all their friends
      • Every family has that aunt or uncle who tells the same story about “the good old days” or “the time xyz happen”
      • Be the story
  • Work as if your life depended on it.
    • It’s not enough to maybe want something
    • You must live and breath what you want
      • Sink or swim and if you want it bad enough you will swim
    • It’s the reason you get up in the morning
      • You should be wanting to do your best, day in and day out.
      • You work long hours, grind and you are patient
  • Don’t let your circumstances control you.
    • You are in control
    • You have the ability to respond.
    • It is always YOUR OWN fault
  • If you feel stuck or you’ve plateaued… Get Help
    • Don’t keep doing the same thing everyday and expect a different result
    • There is no EASY button
    • There is no magic bullet or deal that will solve all your problems
      • Except maybe the lottery over $20 million.
    • Focus your time and energy in being of service
      • By focusing your effort in money making activities
      • Lead Generation, Follow-up, Prequalify,  Present, Negotiate, Close
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