Business Bros – Episode 60 – How to Overcome 27 No’s

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Sometimes we get discouraged when we hear NO to many times. As sales people, you need to understand that it’s not personal, it’s just business. No is just a temporary setback and you need to understand what “No” really means and how you can overcome “No”. In this episode we talk about the different ways that you may hear “No” and then explain why you are hearing it and a few approaches to overcome those particular objections. We would also love for you to share your “No” stories with us on either our Facebook Page @SiasFirst or on our Twitter page @BusinessBrosPod and as always we encourage you to get your free coaching call on our website www.SiasFirst.com so you can get calling scripts and more. Music by www.bensound.com

Show Notes:

  1. You need to understand that it’s not personal, it’s just business
    • Even when they yell at you or hang up on you it’s not about you!
    • Get your ego out of the way: you are there to be of service
      • Your job is to find the right time, approach and build a relationship
      • The best agents build long lasting relationships not quick sales
        • Those relationships generate return business and referrals
  2. What does No Mean?
    • Not at this exact moment
    • I’m busy right now
    • I don’t know who you are
    • I already have an agent
  3. Not at this exact moment
    • Not in the buying window
    • Since they are not currently shopping, they are not interested in talking to you yet
    • Focus on making a connection rather than closing a sale
      • Set an appointment: Lunch maybe
      • Stop by and say hello
        • Even if you build a relationship with the secretary
        • Get in good with the gatekeeper
  4. I’m busy right now
    • Just a bad time to call, try again at another time
    • Ask “when would be a better time to call you?”
    • Focus on making the appointment
      • “Would it be better if we met in person?”
  5. I don’t know who you are
    • They won’t say that exactly
    • They may be avoiding your calls or emails
      • Try stopping in person
      • Handwritten letters
      • Christmas gift
  6. I already have an agent
    • A prudent business person will already have this connection
    • Always offer to be the second opinion
      • “Sometimes, business doesn’t mix with friends.”
      • Friends may be afraid to explain coverages, or things that may cost more because they “know you” and you may not understand what it is you are missing out on.
    • Build relationships so you can be the person they contact or the person they refer
    • “If I can provide a quote for you that meets your needs at a better price, would you be willing to place your business with me?”
  7. Make “No” a game
    • How many “No” can you get in a row
      • If you are looking for No’s while following your script and trying to set the appointments, the Yes will come faster because you’re making calls.
      • It’s like trying to catch all green lights or when you want a red light, they all seem to be green.
    • What is the best “No” you got today
      • STOP F*&#ing calling me!
    • Cold Calling?
      • How long can you keep them on the phone by practicing your calling scripts word for word?
  8. Coaching and accountability
    • You need to practice your scripts
      • Internalize them and make them your own
    • Don’t have scripts or a coach or people you can practice with?
      • Schedule your free coaching call
      • Get on the Facebook page

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