Business Bros – Episode 61 – Why You Struggle at the Beginning of Each Year

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In this episode we discuss the reason why your new year starts off so slow and how you can go about changing that. Grab yourself a paper calendar for the end of this year and follow along as we go through the remainder of the year and breakdown the number of actual working days left. Once you know what you have left, we talk about different strategies you can use to help you get through the year and set yourself up to have an awesome 2019. Follow us on Facebook @SiasFirst or join the conversation on Twitter @BusinessBrosPod and take action by scheduling your free coaching call today www.SiasFirst.com. Music by www.bensound.com

  1. How many days left in the year
    • 13 weeks in Q4 down to 12 weeks now
    • Start with 84 days
    • Take out the week of Thanksgiving, Xmas & New Years minus 21 days
    • Take out weekends minus 24 days
    • That leaves you 39 days
  2. Use your calendar to go through and mark with a big red X on the days you will not be working
    • Remember, even if you are working during those weeks off, other companies or clients may not be working
    • On the working days focus your attention on setting appointments
    • Real Estate – Get listing agreements signed even if you plan to start listing in January
  3. Networking Events
    • Get out there and meet new people
    • This is the best time donate your time, go to events, door knock etc.
    • Consider giving out goodies when you door knock
      • Reverse trick or treat
      • Christmas gifts
  4. 90 Day Rule
    • The work you do today will pay of 60-90 days in the future
    • Your Q1 starts now
    • Commit to talking to 5 new people every day
    • Use the FORD Script to help guide you through conversations.
  5. Time to switch brokers, get educated or improve your skills
    • Start coaching to make sure you have a great 2019
    • Change to the new most amazing brokerage model
      • EXP – to generate passive income
    • Get your CE done ahead of time. Don’t waste this opportunity

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