Business Bros – Episode 63 – Insurance Explained (Home & Auto)

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In this episode we dive into the home and auto insurance and what your insurance agent should be explaining to you about your coverage. Insurance is there just in case something happens, you are not on the hook for a large financial obligation. Monthly price is not always the best reason to buy a particular policy. Yes it is true that auto is required by law but the minimal coverages can leave you at risk. Why would you risk everything you have worked for? Home insurance also has some perks that we discuss on the episode. Lastly we go into detail on why you should also have an umbrella policy so you can sleep better at night. Hope we provide enough value on this episode of Business Bros! Join the conversation on Facebook @SiasFirst and on Twitter @BusinessBrosPod. You can also schedule your free coaching call on our website www.SiasFirst.com or email james@siasfirst.com with your insurance questions. Music by www.bensound.com

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