Business Bros – Episode 65 – FORMED Script and How to Talk to People

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In this episode we modify a script from Tim and Julie Harris to help you when you are conversating with prospective clients and people in general. Having the FORMED script in mind will help you guide a conversation so that you are always making a memorable impressions and building real relationships that will help you generate more sales and more referrals. Good sales people are active listeners that can hold an engaging conversation. If you struggle with scripts please go to our website www.SiasFirst.com to schedule your free coaching call. Getting help to improve your skills will help take you to the next level in your business. Join the conversation on Facebook @SiasFirst and on Twitter @BusinessBrosPod. Music by www.bensound.com

Show Notes

  • Salespeople love to talk!
  • When meeting new people, the tendency for many salespeople is talk endlessly about themselves.  Boring!
  • Extroverted salespeople don’t realize they’re boring, while introverted prospects hate idle chit-chat.
  • The FORD script is an easy way to remember how to effectively connect with new people
  • Key to connecting with people at parties, on the phone and in any situation
  • Always make a meaningful and memorable impression – without saying a lot of words!
  • You may wonder, how do I make an impression if I don’t say anything?  If I don’t tell them about ME?
  • “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”
  • When people know that you care about them and their interests or their issues, they know that you’re someone they can trust.
  • The most dangerous word you can use when trying to gain someone’s trust is the word “I.”
  • Make it all about them and genuinely listen as they answer the questions from the FORD script.  
  • Active listening
  • The FORD script is so easy that you can take it anywhere with you and use it any situation.  What does FORD stand for?


  1. Family – How long have they been married? How are their kids?  What are their parents up to lately?
  2. Occupation – How are things going at work? What’s the best part about their new job? What do you do for a living?
  3. Recreation – Where are they planning to go on their next vacation? What clubs/sports/hobbies are they involved in when they’re not working?
  4. Music
  5. Education
  6. Dreams – If money were no object, what would they do with their live? What’s on their bucket list? If they could have dinner with any famous person, who would it be and why?


  • Depending on how well you know the person will dictate the intimacy of the questions you can ask
  • Conquer the fear of not knowing what to say (or the habit of saying too much)

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