Business Bros – Episode 68 – How Much Money do Youtuber’s Make

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This episode is inspired by Hernan’s kids who, like many kids in this generation, aspire to become Youtubers. Can you make money as a Youtuber and how do you earn money as a Youtuber? We dig into this topic and just break the surface really but get a general understanding of how it works and what kind of money you can expect to earn. We would love to hear your experience with Youtube. Join the conversation on Facebook @SiasFirst or on Twitter @BusinessBros and maybe we can have you on the show. Remember to schedule your free coaching call on our website www.SiasFirst.com and get your free 6 books including the Real Estate Treasure Map. Music by www.bensound.com

Can you Make Money as a Youtuber

  1. Article Resource
  2. Factors
    1. Location of traffic
    2. Demographics of traffic
    3. Video Niche
    4. Click Through Rate CTR
    5. Retention Cost per Click CPC
      1. Higher when people watch longer
    6. Subscribers
  3. Youtube pays when you reach $100 earned.
  4. Adsense
    1. youtubers can make between $3-$10 per 1000 views.
    2. $3000-$10,000 per 1 million views
  5. Affiliate marketing – Click Through Rate CTR .05% – 3%
    1. For 1 Million Views that only 20,000 at 2% CTR
    2. Conversion rate of those clicks is 2-5%. Assume 3%
    3. Thats 600 sales, assume you earn $10 per sale thats $6000 per 1 million views
  6. Sponsor Videos
    1. Fixed price with vendor/advertiser $ per 1000 views $5 – $20 range will make $5000 – $20,000 per million views


  • I really enjoyed the podcast! I think it’s really interesting how anyone can make YouTube videos and could get thousands of viewers and make money from this ! I never knew just watching someone’s YouTube video made them money so easily by watching advertisements throughout the video .

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