Business Bros – Episode 78 – Before You Die, Do This

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Thank you for listening to the podcast. We really appreciate all the support. Special shout outs to our newest iTunes Reviews from Mariah Corley, Tavia Alvarez, Santiago Cabrera and Diego Miranda. You each have helped us reach more people and we really are truly grateful for your support. In this episode we talk about the things that should be driving your every action. Hope you enjoy the show. Remember to schedule your free coaching call in November to be entered into the drawing for Coaching and Lunch with the Business Bros. The first 5 of you to schedule will also get a 1 on 1 call with either James or Hernan.


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Before You Die, Do This

  1. One of our intro questions is “why did you get into business in the first place?”
  2. You have to keep your goal in mind and focus to eventually get there, in other words you need a plan!
    1. Real Estate treasure map is the plan that we provide to our Real Estate Agents so that they can have a clear path forward and eventually do what we all want to do which is retire by making it rich
    2. Remember that Rich is when your money works for you and you no longer work for your money!
    3. That’s the goal but more specifically, what does that look like to you?
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  4. Back to the show! Do this before you die
  5. Look, we are alive for a short period of time and dead for a very long time.
    1. What do you want out of life? Fame, fortune, comfort, travel, off the grid?
  6. What does it take for you to get there?
    1. Requires that you have a plan.
    2. It requires that you do a little math.
    3. It requires that you set a SMART goal.
    4. It requires that you take action
  7. You should seriously take some time and go talk to someone in their late 80’s and 90’s.
    1. They will share some wisdom with you that you should never take for granted
    2. They will also share with you their biggest regrets
      1. When you are old, you lose the energy and the ability and the time to do things you want to do.
      2. If you can see regret in the eyes of someone who has no more time left, it will forever change your perspective on life and what you want to do.
    3. Thank you Gary Vee for sharing that message
  8. The last thing you want to have in life is regret especially when you are out of time
    1. You got into Real Estate or Insurance or your side hustle because you wanted financial freedom but instead your playing fortnite. Really?


  • Matthew Gonzales

    What I learned from your Podcast Mr. Sias is that life is short and you gotta do Whatca gotta before you die and live life to the fullest, and make sure you have a plan for the ones around you when you do pass

    • Thanks Mathew, that is definitely a good lesson. Make sure you hop onto iTunes and leave us a review there. We would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

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