Business Bros – Episode 79 – Follow Me, The Moo-Bah Effect

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In this episode we talk about the Moo-Bah effect. It’s a concept we have talked about for a long time but was brought back into our lives by none other than @TheBrainyBiz Melina Palmer on her podcast and she describes it as #Herding. Thank you Melina for all your content, it is always so informative. We take the concept and talk about in through the lenses of Real Estate and personal investing. We hope you find it valuable and remember to schedule your FREE COACHING CALL by using the link below. You can also join the conversation on Twitter @BusinessBrosPod just like @Emeroyb and @thejerlanishow have to get some of your questions answered. We also want to thank MLL07 and Carlos Zazueta for their iTunes reviews, we love the support we are getting from our listeners and are very thankful you are finding value in our podcast. You can also catch us live on Facebook @SiasFirst and get in on some live coaching sessions. Remember first 5 to schedule a coaching call below get a 1 on 1 with the Business Bros so don’t delay. Music by www.bensound.com


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Follow Me, Moo-Bah

  1. iTunes Shout Outs:
    • MLL07: Greatest thing I’ve ever heard, very helpful.
    • Carlos Zazueta: This podcast was very really good. I enjoyed it. It was really informative how you can just get back up and on the right track and what can happen when you do the wrong thing financially. La Neta. Si me ayudo mucho y pienso lo que voy hacer con esta informacion.
  2. Twitter Shoutouts:
    • @Emeroyb Emeroy Bernardo for all the Twitter interaction. We love having conversations on social and helping people have take a deeper look at themselves. He loves to inspire through his moves. Check him out.
    • @thejerlanishow Jerlani just had a recent birthday so Happy Belated. Jerlani had a YouTube channel where he reacts to different people, skits and videos so check him out. Maybe he can react to our Comicon Video?
    • Some more comments about @thebrainybiz content on #herding
  3. Today’s topic is called Follow Me, Moo-Bah
    • People are too quick to follow what the herd is doing and rarely step back and think, how is that helping me achieve my goals?
    • In Real Estate, many agents are following the herd and working on their brands, their logos, their teams, their websites their drip email campaigns because they hear the industry telling them that it is what they should be doing.
    • They waste a lot of money buying leads, even worst buying buyer leads thinking that it will solve all their problems.
    • They are looking for that one magic bullet to get them to the glory land!
    • Only to find out at the end of the year that they are broke. They failed to focus on their business’s purpose which is to make a profit. They lost sight of why they got into Real Estate in the first place and fell prey to the easy button.
    • Premier coaching is here to help get you back on track. We are a no BS solution for you. Our podcast, is focused on giving you the cold hard truth and only the truth about what you need to do to be successful and out coaching program does the the same thing but more in depth.
    • In the show notes, click on Coaching Call Link and schedule your TODAY. Don’t wait. The first 5 people to book will get a free 1 on 1 call with the Business Bros. Plus 3 of you who schedule in November will win a Coach and Lunch event her in San Diego. So get your call today and change your profit margin for the new year. You owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to afford the life of your dreams. What are you waiting for? Schedule your free coaching call.
  4. Moo-Bah
    • We always tend to rubber neck accidents on the road. “Looky Loo”
    • We get in longer lines for food and fun vs short lines for food and fun
    • Watch what everyone else watches, netflix, hulu, tv etc.
    • Invest the way everyone else does
    • Voting Day!
      • Researched ballots: Almost wanted to follow the most supported ones, even if I disagreed with them
  5. Those who stand out don’t follow the crowd
    • Fluctuating markets vs falling markets or rising markets
      • Typical moo-Bah in effect
      • Everyone is selling, so you feel the urge to sell too
      • Everyone is buying, so you feel the urge to buy too
      • You are part of the reason why markets fall or rise
    • Why the rich get richer?
      • Never invest with emotion
      • Have the ability to go against the crowd
      • Use education to invest logically vs emotionally
      • Down markets are opportunities
      • Up markets are when we sell our great deals
  6. Unique thinking, creativeness
    • Contrarianism
    • Don’t re-invent the wheel
    • Be prepared for the change
    • Identify what shifting markets look like and become familiar with cycles and patterns to find the right strategy
    • When you see the shift in the market, make a move
    • Don’t be a back seat investor. Play the game, don’t ride the bench

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