Business Bros – Episode 80 – How Do I Get Started

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In this episode we discuss the number one question we get asked by people in business, how do I get started. We mention @ScottButlerAct and how he got started in acting and @MaruTor36199903 who’s twitter conversation is what inspired today’s episode. Thank you to Ryzhon and Jorge Macias for the iTunes reviews. We love all the support and are glad that you find value in our podcast. Enjoy the show and if you would like to schedule your Free Coaching Call click on the link below, the first 5 people get an additional 1 on 1 coaching session with the Business Bros. 3 of you who schedule your call in November will be invited to a Coach and Lunch with us here in San Diego so you don’t want to wait. Schedule your call today! You can also join the twitter conversation @BusinessBrosPod and our Facebook live coaching sessions @SiasFirst to get your questions answered. Music by www.bensound.com


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How do I Get Started

  1. iTunes Shout Outs:
    • Ryzhon: “I like how you were saying there are going to be things you don’t want to do but you have to do and when you said get rich slower if you can’t get rich fast. I felt that”
    • Jorge Macias: The podcasts are the best for learning business techniques and really helpful for my future. If you want to be successful you should listen to this podcast because it will definitely help you become way more successful.
  2. Real Estate Agents, wouldn’t it be nice if you had a system where you knew exactly what you needed to do every single day?
    • Not only that, wouldn’t it be nice if you have a system where you could predict how much money you were going to make month in and month out?
    • Where you no longer dealt with Cash Spurts and instead you had a system that gave you consistent monthly CASH FLOW?
    • That is exactly what we teach our Real Estate Agents to do. You ARE a small business whether you like it or not and businesses do not succeed with cash spurts. It is not predictable and it is not scalable.
    • You got into this business to find financial freedom and that comes from being rich, where your money works for you and you no longer work for your money.
    • Our coaching clients are trained to do exactly that with practical and tactical information to help them build a business with predictable cash flow.
    • Schedule your free coaching call today. In the show notes, right on your phone, click on FREE COACHING CALL AGENTS and it will open up a form, fill it in and that it. One of our new member coaches will get in contact with you and get you started. Don’t let another day pass you by and regret not taking action.
    • First 5 people who schedule will get a free 1 on 1 coaching call with Me or James. Plus you will be entered into our drawing for our Coach and Lunch event we will be hosting for 3 luck individuals. So don’t delay, get your coaching call today!
  3. Today’s show topic comes from a Twitter conversation about having a schedule and sticking to it. To be ready daily you need to have a calendar, filled in and scheduled, then do the work. I was talking about this on Twitter and one of our followers came up with an excuse. The thing is, like many other people, she probably didn’t think it was an excuse but of course the Business Bros called her out and helped her see the excuse for what it was. Hopefully she starts taking action and seeing results.
  4. Her Twitter comment after telling her to use a schedule was Maru Torres@MaruTor36199903 I got that part down. It’s the motivation that doesn’t always flow to actually complete the tasks on my planner” BTW: Thanks for all the Twitter Love
  5. Motivation to start will never be there. Very few people wake up motivated and ready to go. Maru Torres is the reason for today’s episode so I wanted to thank you Maru for your twitter interactions and I’m so glad you are honest, it truly helps us address common beliefs so that other benefit from them too.
  6. To get motivation you must take action first, the motivation will follow.
    • This is the biggest mistake people make both in business and their personal lives. They have things backwards. They look at the end result rather than the actual process needed to achieve the end result.
  7. A good calendar allows time for 3 basic things. Lead generation, follow-ups and appointments.
    • Your schedule can be modified but this is a general rule for most people.
    • Mornings before lunch should be dedicated to lead generation and follow-up with the emphasis on setting appointments.
    • EAT LUNCH: preferably with a client
    • Afternoons are for going on appointments.
  8. All you need to do now is take action.

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