Business Bros – Episode 83 – Big Block Realty Event in Eastlake

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This episode was recorded right after an event hosted by Big Block Realty in Eastlake. We were invited by Jose Valencia, loyal listener and former guest, to come out to this event at the last minute but we are grateful that he did. James and I got to put into practice the same coaching we give our clients, to use the FORD script to meet new people and generate leads. May I say, it always works well. We give shout outs in this episode to the people we met at this event Mark and Michelle Mesker, Ryan Lipsey, Carlos Rodriguez, Will Fuller and Juanita De La Torre. We met a few others like Zabi and Carly (sorry if we spelled your names wrong) who we didn’t get cards from and still a few more people who we know we will be working with to help train agents at Big Block in the near future. Hope you enjoy the show. As always please join the conversation on Twitter @BusinessBrosPod or on Facebook @SiasFirst to ask your questions or show us some love. You can also schedule your free coaching call by using the links below. Music by www.bensound.com

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