Business Bros – Episode 84 – The Real, the 1/2 and the Fake Entrepreneur

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In this episode we talk about the 3 different levels of being an entrepreneur. We are not in anyway describing the quality of entrepreneurs but the level of commitment that one places on their business. Our hope is that you look in the mirror and decide what it is you want to be and then progressively work towards that. It begins with figuring out for yourself where you are and where you want to go. Join the conversation on Twitter @BusinessBrosPod or on Facebook @SiasFirst and find any previous episode on our website www.SiasFirst.com


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Show Notes:

The Real, The ½ and The Fake Entrepreneur

  1. Twitter Shout outs:
    • @PoshNotions for the constant twitter love.
    • @JustCallMeJessy: Concerned with being overwhelmed in trying to accomplish a million things at once.
      • We interjected and suggested that she FOCUS and set a time block for each task and only work on that one task for that dedicated time.
  2. iTunes ShoutOuts: Max Buyson & Justin Woods: Listened to the episode on Why Sales People Suck.
  3. The real Entrepreneur
    • Dedicates his entire work day to his business
    • Dependant on the profits to survive
    • There is not other means of income
    • Risk is not a word they take lightly
    • Should be profit driven and schedule based
  4. The ½ Entrepreneur
    • Not dependent on the income to survive
    • Entire day is Not dedicated to business
    • Profit driven but risk is more acceptable
    • Not accountable to winning and can move on quicker
  5. The Fake Entrepreneur
    • Claims to be in business but probably just has a hobby
    • Spends a lot on his hobby with zero understanding on profit, expenses or accounting
    • Loves to talk about their “business” as an CEO
    • Works on his business in his “free time”
  6. Which are you?
    • It’s important to be honest with yourself and understand what area you fall in.
    • Once you are clear where you are, you can develop a plan to change or not
    • Focus your attention on being profitable or focus on having fun with the hobby.
  7. What is it that you want to achieve?
    • Fame? Fortune? Escape? Profit?
    • Without knowing what you want, you will be stuck spinning your wheels

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