Business Bros – Episode 85 – Being Thankful to Reach Your Goals

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In this episode we give a lot of shout outs. We wanted to give thanks in the spirit of Thanksgiving and remind our listeners that “Being of service to others” is not just a saying but a way of life and as such you can really reap the rewards of having that mindset. How by perfecting a system to be of service to more people at a high level is how people reach high levels of success. Aside from the monetary gain, you will have a truly satisfying life that you can be proud of. Join the conversation on Facebook @SiasFirst or on Twitter @BusinessBrosPod and get your free coaching call by clicking on the links below.


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Your Time is Up

  1. Twitter Shout outs:
    • @XavierJP_ from Leicester, England Thank you for the retweets and check out his twitter for some life hacks.
    • @Yubn93: appreciate the follow and the the retweets
    • @LewisHowes who is a NY Times bestselling author and has a top 50 Podcast “The School of Greatness” with 80 Million downloads. He always has thought provoking questions on twitter which is not different but what makes him unique is that he replies to each and every comment on his feed. In other words he is being of service on twitter and respectful of those who follow him. I can see why he is well liked and followed. Check out his Ellen spot, sums him up really well! I mean WOW! @TheEllenShow
    • @JackCanfield Gratitude tweet; Gratitude List – @AbrahamHicks
    • @Ericthomastbtc “You are amazing!”
  2. I always like to start at the end. What does retirement look like to you?
    • We need to do some math and decide with all honesty what that looks like
    • Trailer, Condo, House, Ranch, High Rise, RV?
    • Will you need $4,000 or $6,000 or $10,000 per month or more?
    • Once you know what that number is you can now work towards that goal. The sooner you get there, the sooner you win!
    • If you are 25 now and you create enough income from your investments to cover your living expenses by 40, you are rich!
    • Rich is when your money works for you and you no longer work for your money
  3. What are you waiting for?
    • No one is going to do it for you
    • It’s not your boss’s job to make you rich
    • You have to have a side hustle. Real Estate is a great side hustle or primary hustle. Schedule your free coaching call
  4. Your time is up. You died today
    • I know that is grim but what if today was your last day on earth?
    • What have you accomplished? What did you not accomplish?
    • There are many people who never get a chance to do what they wanted to do.
    • Time is the only asset we can never get back yet we squander it every day
  5. Write your own eulogy
    • This is an activity I have done before and each time I find myself being grateful for the things I have never had to pay for.
    • The time with my spouse, kids, family
    • The material things take a back seat to all the things that truly matter in life, the relationships I have with people.
  6. 10,000 people at my funeral
    • Your focus in business is to be of service to others
    • That means that if you do that, daily, when you die there will be 10k people at your funeral
    • Make your work famous by being of service to your clients and truly care for their well being and their happiness by providing the best service possible.
    • The more people you can help achieve their goals at a higher level, the more you will be rewarded in relationships, accomplishments, money and time.
  7. What are you doing to achieve your goal
    • Do you have a goal? Is it Specific? Measurable? Attainable? Realistic? Timely?
      1. Goals with out and action plan are just dreams
    • When you are focusing your goals on how you will be of service, rather than how do I get something you will see a transformation in how you do things every single day.
    • There are a number of opportunities out there and when you see them and help others benefit from the opportunities they cannot see to elevate their own lives, you will truly be successful.

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