Business Bros – Episode 87 – Win-Win Scenario

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We as sales people are in the business to help a willing seller and a willing buyer through a mutually beneficial transaction. We are not there to destroy one side or the other nor are we there to give in to every demand. We want to find a Win-Win outcome like Stephen Covey describes in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. With the changes from Las Vegas and how they interact with Zillow, many agents have taken a side on this being a good thing or a bad thing. We discuss that on today’s episode and a shout out to @kristinhutchis6. Be sure to join the conversation on Twitter @BusinessBrosPod or @SiasFirst on Facebook.


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Win-Win Scenario

  1. Shout Outs Twitter:
    • @kristinhutchis6 – Getting her comedy on, this bartender/mom/wife looks like she has some great stories to tell. Giving her a shout out here to push her to keep going and to let her know we are looking forward to her content.
  2. Las Vegas has decided to pull out of Zillow and other websites just like it
    • No more auto feeds to Zillow, Trulia Realtor etc
    • Control will stay with the Realtors
    • Good or bad?
  3. Agents are worried about their jobs
    • Clinging to the old way of doing things
    • Grizzled veterans want to keep information close and privileged
    • You are a salesperson, your “job” is to be the expert and help a willing buyer and seller close a transaction
    • If you generate you do not have to tolerate
    • Technology and innovation will change the landscape
      • EXP Realty
      • Zillow
  4. Suppressing the information from the consumer will have unintended consequences
    • Clients won’t be as informed
    • Clients will be upset when their homes are not online
    • Clients will blame agents for limited exposure
  5. Why do we give out all this content for free?
    • We want you to be successful. We want to hear your story and how the content we provided motivated you, sparked an idea or changed the way you did business.
    • We strive to be of service to you, so that you can be of service to your clients.
  6. The coaching and content we provide is amazing but it ultimately requires you to take action.
    • No matter what you hear, what we prescribe or how we teach you to do something, if you do not make it a daily habit to put it into practice, it will never provide you the results you are looking for.
    • This is why we want you to get your free coaching call.
    • Accountability, helping you build the habit.
  7. Habits
    • Thank you to @TheBrainyBiz Melina Palmer for her episode on habits where she does an amazing job talking about how habits works. Checkout her episode 21.
  8. Win-Win: Stephen Covey
    • In many sales transactions salespeople have a mindset of stomping on their competition in order to rule on high as the best sales person.
      • You win and the other side Loses – Win-Lose
    • That mentality is not needed. Although you can make money that way, you will always feel like you are watching your back or burning bridges
      • Eventually no one will want to work with you and your deals will get that much more difficult
    • You can’t give in to every term and condition either. You must be able to negotiate so that the transaction if completed with your parties interest in mind. If you give in to every term you don’t meet the needs of your client.
      • You Lose and the other side wins – Lose-Win
  9. Sales are done when a willing buyer and a willing seller agree to complete a transaction
    • Our job is to facilitate the sale so that both sides win.
    • No need to gouge one side or the other
    • Find ways to agree to terms so that the seller and the buyer are both happy.
      • Win-Win

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