Business Bros – Episode 88 – Why the Minimums?

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Ever wonder why you can manage to pay the bills but you can’t find a way to save or invest? In this episode we are discussing how you can change just a few ways of doing things and it will make all the difference in the world to your finances. Be sure to schedule you free coaching call below and join the conversation on Twitter @BusinessBrosPod and @SiasFirst on Facebook.


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Minimum Financial Obligations

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  3. Why is it that we always focus on the minimum?
    • We only hit the bar that we set for ourselves
    • The bills we pay that are most important.
    • How do we determine important?
    • The ones that have an immediate consequence attached to them
    • Car payment, cell phone, rent etc.
    • Saving and investing have no immediate consequence and as a result we don’t do them to the level we should.
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    • We can teach you to not only meet your goals but exceed them
    • Stop the cash spurts and get into cash flow
    • If you are struggling to keep the light on or dealing with a feast and famine Real Estate practice
  5. What are your minimal financial obligations
    • Things you should be responsible for.
    • Food & Shelter
    • All else is second
  6. Difference between needs and wants
    • I want to own a big house
    • I want to drive a fancy car
    • I want to have the finest clothes
  7. The problem most people have with money is they spend it
    • They buy a bunch of things they think they need but simply want
    • Savings, taxes and debts are the last things they pay, if they have money left over to do so.
    • The way to fix it is to do it backwards. Spend your money on the things that are important and YOURS first and everything else last.
    • Savings give you power and will buy you time
    • Debts stop you from putting money to work for you
    • Pay yourself first, needs and then wants
  8. Debt free living

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