Business Bros – Episode 89 – Prospecting Sucks, Do It Anyway HCCA Part1

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The title says it all. No one wants to do it but if we want to be successful in business we have to get it done, daily. Shout out to Tim & Julie Harris and their Real Estate Coaching organization who Hernan is very proud to be associated with. This show was brought to you by their show notes we hope it brings you value! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @BusinessBrosPod or listen to past episode on our website www.SiasFirst.com. Want to be on the show? Send us an email BusinessBros@SiasFirst.com


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Prospecting Sucks, Do It Anyway – Tim & Julie Harris Real Estate Coaching

  1. What is the quintessential top producer challenge? Keeping the pipeline full.
    • Harris Rule: Use your mornings to generate new business and your afternoons to handle what you’ve created.
  2. It’s your JOB to make the prospect remember you.
  3. Prospect even when you’re busy and especially when you’re busy!
  4. Secret agents have skinny kids.
    • Pursue people you know and people you don’t know.
  5. Are you chasing suspects or prospects?
  6. Answer the phone.
  7. Mindset and expectations are 90% of the prospecting battle.
  8. Prospecting requires courage. Don’t be a wimp.
  9. Be more fascinated by your prospect or client than you are with yourself.
  10. Create Raving Fans!


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Harris Rules – Tim & Julie Harris

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