Scare to Talk to Clients About Selling their Home? Here is the fix!

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I’m Scared to Talk to Clients About Selling their Home, This is How You Fix That

  • Becoming a Listing Agent is how you will be successful in Real Estate
    • The most successful agents in the history of Real Estate have almost all been Listing Agents
    • The most successful, most respected people in history have been salespeople.
      • Ghandi, Jesus, Mr. Rogers
  • You must list to last
    • You got into this business for freedom
      • Time, payoff debt, change your life
    • What happen?
      • If I had a contest, if you got $1,000,000 CASH if you got 3 Listings this week, what would you do to get those 3 listings?
        • You would probably pick up the phone, knock on doors
        • You’d probably focus on expireds and FSBOs, COI
        • The things that put you in front of the client
      • Funny thing is, those are the exact things you are avoiding and you say you want to retire some day?
        • In other words, your million dollars, 5 million or even 10 million are there for you to earn if you are willing to DO WHAT YOU DON’T WANT TO DO, WHEN YOU DON’T WANT TO DO IT, AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL
  • The biggest fear Agents have, is when the client has a “question.”
    • Any question really but the one we fear most often is “What makes you different?”
      • We are all Real Estate Agents
      • All put signs in yards
      • All put info into MLS and send to websites
    • You need to have answers for these questions or you can prepare the seller by giving them the answers up front.
    • Lower the tension of your listing appointment before you even get there.
  • What if you had proven system that you followed
    • It helped you get leads on a daily basis
    • It helped you to prequalify those leads and set appointments
    • It helped you fight off competing agents
    • It answered almost all the questions and objections a seller may have
    • And gave you the confidence to successfully take up to 100% of the listing appointments you went on.
  • Would you want to know what that was?
    • It’s our 7-Step Listing process along with our Pre-Listing Package and Proven Home Selling System.
  • I’m sure you heard that you have to “pay your dues” if you want to be a Listing Agent
    • NO YOU DON’T. You just have to be a professional, follow a professional system, trust the process and get out of your own way.
  • The way you get over the fear of talking to customers is to improve your skills
    • By doing that you have gained knowledge and Knowledge = Confidence. Ignorance = Fear.
    • Ask you broker if he can put on a training for you to learn about the Pre-Listing Package. If done right and if you use it on ever listing appointment. It will literally help the seller fight off the competition of other agents for you.
      • The Pre-Listing Package (PLP) template that we have answers the most common objections that sellers have. We also coach our clients to insert a list of 20 seller interview questions that they can use to interview your competition. You then literally have the seller fight off your competition for you.
    • If your broker doesn’t offer that training or training on the 7 Step Listing Process that can help you learn to close up to 100% of your listing appointments have him contact me. I would love to do the training for your office, FREE OF CHARGE!
  • You want to get over your fear? Become better at what you do and watch the fear turn to confidence.
    • If you have questions you can email me hernan@siasfirst.com or request your free coaching call www.SiasFirst.com and select the Harris Certified Coaching Call. You will get a 30 minute personal coaching call to help you get your confidence moving in the right direction.
    • As a thank you, we will send you 6 free books including 25 Sure-Fire Lead Generators for free. Just get your free coaching call and the books are yours!
  • Have a productive day. Peace!

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